perso Concept

Gemotions is a web based treasure-hunt game animation and creation platform that uses portable phones and short text messages for interaction. Using our web application players go on the discovery of a region, city, museum... in a fun and playful way. They will receive on their phones questions and actions to undertake along the way. Gemotions takes care of the interaction, checking for correct answers in an autonomous way. The platform takes into account different languages, misspells etc... Our games are real treasure-hunts to be played in real-time in different cities and locations. The best part is that you can create your own personal game using our platform. Bachelor parties, family gatherings, office-parties, team-building, discovery days, ... Everything is possible !

The treasure-hunt type of game naturally allows you to take anyone anywhere but with Gemotions you won’t have to prepare everything on location, hiding clues that may never be found... Your computer will be your organizer and your portable-phone your guide.

perso How is the game played?

  • Create an account on our site
  • Select the game of your choice in our list and proceed to payment.
  • You will receive instructions after payment.
  • These instructions contain a unique code to start the game as well as our phone number.
  • On "d" day, go to the starting point f your game and send the unique code via text message to begin.
  • You'll receive your first game text message from us, please follow the instructions.
  • Answer the question correctly and you will receive the directions to follow.
  • You may continue if you don't get the right answer but will get a time penalty !
  • Keep following the instructions and answering enigmas to progress in the game to the end point.

perso How do I create a game ?