perso Treasure hunt

Looking for a treasure hunt ? Gemotions has the solution you need! Gemotions is a young belgian startup offering an innovating game concept using mobile phone short text messages. We are offering two main services: First, if you just want to have fun, you may play the different games created by Gemotions. Secondly Gemotions offers to anyone the possibility of creating their own game !

Want to know more about this concept? Visit our explanation page or watch the presentation video"What is a mobile phone treasure hunt like? " !

Creating your own treasure hunt

Have you got a birthday party to organize ? A bachelor's party ? Via a clear and simple web interface you may create your very own treasure hunt. You just need to get yourself afree login and, in our members area, click on "create a game" then follow the instructions !

Playing Gemotions games is done using short text messages: No need for a fancy phone or any special application ! Thus the games are very easily played and are suitable for kids under 12! But that doesn't mean the game are reserved to kids: you may create a treasure hunt for adults ! !

Have a question before you start ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we'll take pleasure in helping you out !

Playing Gemotions treasure hunt games

If you don't have the will or time to create your own games, you may choose one in the large list of games created by Gemotions. For a small amount of money you'll have access to some great quality treasure hunts created by a pro team (Scout and cub-scout leaders, professional animators...)

At the moment we have games in different belgian cities: Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels, Bruges, Durbuy, Ecaussines, Spa, ...

You may also see the list of all our games..

Treasure hunt for kids