perso Leaderboard Découverte du centre de Budapest

Congratulations to the fastest teams on this game:

1 02:39:08
2 03:03:11 bibous
3 03:12:59 the best girls warrior
4 03:16:43 pipissandlove
~ 03:17:17 Average time
5 03:37:48
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This table displays the score of the fastest teams, as well as the average, and the score of all the teams you have purchased (or sponsored). The teams which have not fully completed the game are excluded.

In addition, outliers were automatically excluded from the statistics and rankings. Data is considered an outlier if it is too far from the average. In practice, this allows us to exclude persons who achieved an unusually short time (cheaters, tests) or abnormally long (forgetting the final keyword).

If a consistent value seems ignored, please let us know in order to make the necessary corrections.