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perso General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for the use of Gemotions’ website and games:

Please read these carefully before using our website and it’s different services.

The following terms and conditions are applicable to the publishing of Gemotions’ website and services. Any access and/or usage of Gemotions’ website implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms. These thus constitute a contract between Gemotions and users of it’s services. The user is any person using the site or the games proposed by Gemotions.

1. Declaration of property

This website and it’s applications are the property of Philippe Depuydt, creator and of the Ph.Depuydt Consulting & Engineering company
Clos du Verger, 11
1380 Lasne
BE0460173245 or Gemotions

2. Rules of the treasure hunt games

Any user of the games proposed on this website accepts to pay the price asked for any reservation. Gemotions reserves the right to cancel, modify or shorten the game at any given moment.

The prices asked by Gemotions concerns users equipped with a belgian mobile phone number exclusively. Even though the services are available to all mobile numbers, even outside Belgium, it is imperative to contact us by mail at info@gemotions.be for all these particular cases before starting a game.

Any breach to one of these general conditions may bring the interdiction for the user to access our website and it’s services in the future.

Gemotions reserves the right to to ask for compensation to the user in the case of a violation of one or more of these general conditions.

Games that are sold or given directly via our website are made for private end users. Companies, associations, collectivities and moral persons in general are required to contact our B2B service (info@gemotions.be) that will take care of organizing the event.

3. Intellectual property Propriété intellectuelle

The images, graphics, logos, ideas as well as databases are the sole property of Gemotions. No information contained on this site may be copied, reproduced or shared with other physical or moral persons without prior written authorization from Gemotions.

In case of fraud or fraud attempt Gemotions reserves the right to judicially assign it’s author(s). A user trying to modify or attempt a modification to the tracks, clues, enigmas of our games by any means will be considered a fraud.

The user concedes all the rights of a game he created himself to Gemotions and recognizes the possibility for it to be made available publicly to other users of the website. His name will eventually appear as the creator of the game if he so wishes but that does not give him any claims to any advantage or remuneration.

4. exclusion of responsibility

The informations contained on this site are of a general nature and not suited to meet personnal circumstances of the user. Access and usage of the website is of the sole appreciation, responsibility and risk of the user. Gemotions will take any reasonable measure to have complete, precise and up to date content on it’s website. Even so, Gemotions being a totally innovating application in beta phase, all cases and figures haven’t yet been met. Gemotions is dependent on the good functioning of telecommunications network for coverage, reactivity and availability. It is possible that problems may appear independently of our will. We’ll do anything we can do to solve any problems in the respect of our users.

Gemotions takes all means necessary to provide a quality access to it’s services but has no obligation to do so. Gemotions may not be held responsible of any dysfunction of the network, servers or other events it has no reasonable control over that would prevent or temper with access to the website. An interruption does not open any claims or payment of damages from Gemotions.

Gemotions will not be held responsible for accidents, direct or indirect damage happening while using the website or it’s contents as well as the games. Gemotions may not be held responsible for any accident happening on the itineraries of the games, whatever the cause of the accident may be. The users have the sole responsibility of the choices they make on the itineraries and must take into account their own capacities as well as the risks inherent to the nature of the field. Gemotions also won’t be held responsible for the damages done by a user to someone else while participating in our games.

5. Hypertext links

Gemotions will not be held responsible for eventual damages caused by using links to websites edited or managed by third parties. Gemotions having no control over these external resources, the user recognizes that Gemotions has no responsibility relative to making these links available or the content of these resources.

6. Force majeure

Gemotions will not hold any responsibility in cases of force majeure, acts of God or other cases independent to it’s will and over which it has no control..

7. Contract evolution

Gemotions reserves the right to adapt these terms and conditions at any given moment. It is suggester the user regularly consult the last version of these terms and conditions which is available on Gemotions’ website.

8. Privacy

This website is accessible without handing out personal information. However, to be abel to participate in our games users will have to give some personal information. In a privacy respecting logic Gemotions takes care that the collection and processing of personal information be conform to the 8 december 1992 belgian law (modified by the law of 11 december 1998)relative to the collect and processing of personal data.

Personal information submitted by the user may be used by Gemotions in the following cases:

  • Provide products and services to users, including in the form of displaying contents and personalized advertising.
  • Audit, research and analysis to insure maintenance, protection and amelioration of our services.
  • Technical maintenance of our network.
  • Developing new services

Gemotions is also authorized to communicate informations to third parties in precise circumstances, such as the request of public authorities for preventing frauds or imminent damages or to insure security of it’s network and services.

As for non identifiable data, these may be used as a means to optimize the usability of the website without authorization from the user. Gemotions let’s the user access, correct or delete personal information in case of an error, whenever possible, on a simple demand, except when legislation states otherwise or when the data is needed for legitimate commercial reasons. Before proceding to these demanded changes it is asked to the individual users to identify (copy of id card or passport) and indicate the information they want to access, modify or delete. Demands may be refused in the following cases: unreasonable demands because of their repetitive or systematic nature, demands requiring a disproportionate technical effort, demands compromising confidentiality of third parties’ personal information, demands too difficult to answer (for instance concerning information stocked on backups), or demands for which access is unjustified. In any cases the access and modification of personal data is free of charge unless requiring a disproportionate effort.

Copy of the data will be sent within thirty (30) day starting on the reception date of the original demand. For demands concerning opposition, modification or deleting the same delay will be applied.

Access to personal information is strictly reserved to employees, subcontractors and Gemotions agents that need the access to exploit, develop or better Gemotions’ services. These persons are obligated by confidentiality clauses and susceptible of sanctions in case of any breach.

9. Cookies

When using our website cookies may be stored on your computer. These are small text files that allow a website to recognize it’s visitors and facilitate their access to it’s services. Your web browser let’s you choose to accept cookies or not as well as to receive an alert when a cookie is installed or to delete them after installation. Please consult your browser’s help menu to modify your parameters.

10. User’s right of renunciation

The user has a 14 days delay to exercise his renunciation right without any justification nor having to pay any penalties except for return shipping. This delay is of 7 work days counting from the acceptation of the offer for our services.

11. Jursidiction and applicable law

Any litigation relative to the interpretation or application of the present general terms and conditions will be settled before the “Tribunal de Nivelles” jurisdiction. Relations between Gemotions and the users of it’s services is ruled by Belgian Law.